Lindsay Gann

Editing Services


I edit. I write. I proofread, I format Word documents, and I love words. In fact, I love your words. I care about them and want to make sure they always say what you want, glowing with polished professionalism.

You don’t have time for this.
Why consult me? Because you don’t have time for the writing and re-writing, checking and re-checking, late nights and writer’s block. And you really, really don’t have time for embarrassing mistakes.

I will make you look awesome.
That typo doesn’t represent who you are, but it may be all your reader sees. You may only get one chance! Let me help you polish up your words and make them shine, so what readers will really notice is you and your message.

Or just skip all that.
Don't have any words yet? I can help with that, too. If you have something to say, but you’re not quite sure how, let me work with you to craft the words that are just right for you.


My specialty is technical and scientific copy editing, and I have direct experience in the fields of fisheries research and management, biotech engineering, and water/wastewater supply. I have worked on web sites, technical reports, capital projects specifications, educational materials, and print marketing.

I will use my technical experience and BA in English to your advantage, helping you translate complex topics into language your readers will connect with.


Isn't technology wonderful? I work with clients everywhere. Contact me so we can plan your next project.